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      Yantai International Investment Promotion Industrial Zone

      集聚區名稱Cluster Name


      High-end Equipment Manufacturing Industry Cluster Area
      • 位置 Location


        The industry cluster is distributed in the surrounding area of Cishan, Guxian Subdistrict, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Area, and the Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park in northern Fushan District.

      • 發展方向 Development Direction


        Concerted efforts will be made to achieve progresses in additive manufacturing, reducers, controllers, servo motors, and other core components and key software, in order to build a characteristic functional area for high-end intelligent equipment manufacturing, an industrial cluster for the intelligent manufacturing of high-end robots and lasers, and an international scientific research corridor around Cishan. With a focus on key areas such as vehicles, intelligent driving and Internet of Vehicles (IoV), efforts will be made to promote the implementation of projects related to microwave photonic integrated chips, core parts of new energy vehicles, and gas-electric hybrid vehicles, and ultimately establish an R&D and production base covering the whole automobile-specific industrial chain.

      • ?發展目標 Development Goal


        By 2025, 20 projects from Fortune Global 500 enterprises and industry-leading enterprises will have been implemented, with an industrial output up to RMB 100 billion.

      • 產業基礎 Industrial Base


        The industry cluster and its surrounding area have a solid foundation, with more than 100 enterprises above designated size that specialize in automobile design and R&D, core parts of new energy vehicles, industrial robots, and additive manufacturing. Currently, the industry cluster has formed a complete industrial chain for both conventional fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles. This industrial chain is led by SGM-Dongyue's vehicle manufacturing base (Buick and Chevrolet), Hyundai's vehicle design and R&D center, and Delphi. It also integrates new energy vehicle design and R&D, testing, and achievement transfer, lightweight body, engine, gearbox, chassis, traction battery, vehicle electronic control unit (ECU), and thermal management system.

      • 招商方向 Direction of Investment Attraction


        (1) Robot and intelligent manufacturing equipment;

        (2) Fuel-efficient vehicles;

        (3) New energy vehicles and core parts.

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