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      Yantai International Investment Promotion Industrial Zone

      集聚區名稱Cluster Name


      Marine Organism and Healthcare Industry Cluster
      • 位置 Location


        The industry cluster is distributed in the north of the Baiyin River in Bajiao Subdistrict, Yantai Economic and Technological Development Area, the south of the core area of Yantai Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, and in the Qinshui South Korea Industrial Park in Muping District.

      • ?發展方向 Development Direction


        Relying on the Yantai Base of the National Comprehensive Platform for Drug Discovery and Development and other national-level innovation platforms as well as a number of leading enterprises, efforts will be made to build a world-class biopharmaceutical industry cluster and an international biopharmaceutical base. Both the industry cluster and base will focus on the research and development of marine biological and pharmaceutical technologies, and will be centered on biopharmaceuticals and high-end medical devices.

      • 發展目標 Development Goal


        By 2025, 14 projects from Fortune Global 500 enterprises and industry-leading enterprises will have been implemented, with an industrial output up to RMB 80 billion.

      • 產業基礎 Industrial Base


        The industry cluster is currently home to a number of national brands, including the Special Industry Base of Marine Biology and Pharmaceuticals under the National Torch Plan. It also encompasses a significant number of industry-leading enterprises and backbone enterprises in various segments, as well as three demonstration enterprises under the National Comprehensive Platform for Drug Discovery and Development, and 20 enterprise technology centers at the national and provincial levels. Products in the industry cluster cover a wide range of areas, including biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostic reagents and vaccines, modern traditional Chinese medicine, and biological health products.

      • 招商方向 Direction of Investment Attraction


        Focus will be on cultivating and expanding competitive industries such as biopharmaceuticals, medical devices and marine health products, as well as on high-tech pharmaceutical R&D and industrialization service outsourcing.

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