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      Jinan International Investment Promotion Industrial Zone

      集聚區名稱Cluster Name


      Green Construction Industry Cluster Area
      • 位置 Location


        Taiping Miaolang Area in the north of the starting area

      • 招商方向 Direction of Investment Attraction


        Intelligent auto parts, green and low-carbon equipment, new robots, and semiconductor terminals

      • 發展目標 Development Goal

        ? ? ? ?打造具有國際影響力的現代產業集群,在綠色、高端制造領域打造黃河流域高質量智造示范園區。

        Build a modern industry cluster with international influence, and establish a high-quality intelligent manufacturing demonstration park in the Yellow River Basin that focuses on green and high-end manufacturing.

      • 重點企業 Key Enterprises


        The Park has high regard for intelligent auto parts, green and low-carbon equipment, new robots, and semiconductor terminals. At present, 40 enterprises have settled in the Park, including Jinan Lvdong Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Shandong Ruifeng New Materials Co., Ltd.?and Shandong Fangyin Intelligent Manufacturing Co., Ltd.?These enterprises incorporate one Fortune Global 500 company and more than 10 industry-leading enterprises. Yellow River Basin Hydrogen Energy Industrial Base?of Jinan Lvdong Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. held by State Power Investment Corporation Limited: The Yellow River Basin Hydrogen Energy Industrial Base Project?aims to bring together?hydrogen power equipment and industrial chain. Three hydrogen fuel cell production lines (air cooling, vehicle use and stationary energy supply) in Phase I have been officially put into production and achieved fruitful results. High-end Aerospace Materials Industry and Research Center of Shandong Ruifeng New Materials Co., Ltd.: The center has carried out in-depth cooperation with AVIC Research Institute for Special Structures of Aeronautical Composites to build a complete system of localized production and supply capacity for aerospace materials and equipment. In September 2022, the first batch of products was successfully produced.?5G Intelligent Installation Manufacturing Base of Shandong Fangyin Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.: The base, put into operation in August 2022, is China's first 5G digital intelligent factory for special engineering equipment, with an output value of 370 million yuan in 2022.

      • 重點項目 Key Projects


        The Park continues to pursue development through business and investment attractions. To cooperate in investment attraction, the Park is making efforts to promote the implementation of key projects such as National Inspection and Testing Center for Fire and Flame-retardant Product (Shandong) Project, CSCEC Green New Technology Material Industrial Zone Project, CSCEC Green Technology Industrial Zone Project, Energy-saving and Environmentally Friendly Two-way Thermal Reflective Coated Glass Project by Longbo Energy Saving and Environmental Protection Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd., new material alumina and Beidou projects. With the help of high-standard demonstration scenarios and high-level platform resources of high-standard chain owner enterprises, a development pattern where one introduced enterprise leads a batch of others for the wider area?is taking shape.

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